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Vadra Dhara Education Consultancy and Placement Firm have a team of dedicated counselor and Student Support Officer, whose key responsibilities are for career counseling, placement and aid our clients in accommodation through our partners and affiliates across India, Australia, Europe and United State.

Experience team of staff will navigate our client in seamless process of documentation, admission and enrolments.


Documentation and profiling of the client will determine the efficiency of whole    process of placements. Vadra Dhara Consultancy and Placement Firm provide wholesome services including development of GTE, Statement of Purpose, Statement of intent and other documentation process.


The firm will assist to review the applications of prospective applicants who wish to enroll in a college, university, or other educational facilities. It will act as an in-charge of accepting, handling, reviewing, and follow up on applications that have been submitted. The firm will guarantee the accuracy of the data and the completeness and inclusion of all required components in the application packages. The firm will communicate with prospective applicants face-to-face or online and provide them with advice on the admissions and application procedures.


Vadra Dhara team has a dedicated Student Service Officer, who in contact with Marketing Officers based in country of admission will be in our contact point and help our clients in finding accommodation and settling once they reach abroad. There will be no extra cost, as these services will be part of the consultancy service package for prior consultancy fee paid.


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