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To be leading consultancy firm for placement and solutions to all educational travel purposes

To make access to top universities for desired courses with ease.
Seek scholarship and advocates various schemes and rights of international students.
Ease the process and experience of seeking admission and settling in foreign countries.
Develop a credible relationship with our partner universities, colleges and institutions by recognizing shared values and goals.
Explore, Research and identify career-based education programs.
Provide expertise and professional education visa processes
Develop, assist and advise proper documentations.
Facilitate interaction and exchanges of ideas and opportunities with high end educational facilities to our youth.
Facilitate registration, preparation and resources for IELTS and TOEFL language courses.
Scholarship Opportunities with link-up, market explorations etc.
Help develop content like profiling, SOP, LOI, GTE and others.
To maintain a consistent professional environment for our staff and better experiences for our clients.

Rationale of Company services 

Importance and qualities of education in Bhutan has been a central topic among youth and parents. To ensure a secure future with enriching employment, choosing right courses and training is a pivotal step. Equally important is choosing ambient, socially inclusive, accredited and professionally oriented institutions, especially if one opts to seek admission abroad, which currently is a global phenomenon.

Bhutan sees a thousand of youth travelling outside the country for education and training purposes every year. According to country’s leading print media Kuensel; almost 32258 Bhutanese are spread across 133 countries, among which, educational and training purposes is cited as top reason for oversea travels.

Seeking admission in colleges and Institutes are a complicated process requiring multiple documents, attestation, financial arrangement, and relevancy of subjects, development of SOP, VISA application and travel arrangements. Despite the fact that the process is complicated, students want to study abroad for a variety of reasons. Factors like affordability, safety, quality of education, opportunities for part time employments, weather and geography of the place determines place for students to pursue their studies. Vadra Dhara Education Consultancy recognizes and ensures to find and analyze the personality, potential, and inclination-abilities by giving one-on-one counseling that will help clients to choose the right course and place for education and training purposes.


Vadra Dhara Education Consultancy and Placement Firm is a team of competent professional, who has been working in these sectors for over years and capable at providing the most helpful and beneficial assistance to students and parents. The team is professional at guiding and assisting in recognizing the true potential of each individual. The firm helps to analyze the strengths and weaknesses in order to establish the best path to a secure future.

With dynamic team at Vadra Dhara, we will also provide solutions to all travel scheduling, documentation and information sharing through research and with experiences our team has in this industry.